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Star Cluster Fleece – Singularity Shirt – Night Sky


Infinite white stars are scattered across deep blue hues evoking the calm of an evening sky in the wilderness.


Star Cluster Fleece - Singularity Shirt
(one leg hole)
Color - Night Sky

The deep blues in this sphynx top invoke a peaceful feeling. The blue varigated background is strewn with infinite swirling white stars.  The body is made of super soft, warm and cozy plush anti-pill poly fleece. The trim is made of butter soft micro fleece in your choice of black or electric blue, or black cotton ribbing. 

Space Fact:

If you stand at the North Pole and gaze up at the night sky, you will see a dazzling star right in the middle. Astronomers know this as Polaris, or the Pole Star. Polaris lies above the central point of the Earth’s axis of rotation. All the other stars visible in the night sky of the northern hemisphere appear to revolve around it.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Trim Color

Black Microfleece, Black Rib Knit, Electric Blue Microfleece


custom size


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