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Asteroid Glitz – Cotton Jersey – Binary Shirt


Your eye catches a glint in the evening sky on this unfamiliar planet. What is it? A meteor rich in precious metals falling to the surface! You hop in your shuttle and set the navigation to find it.


Asteroid Glitz
Cotton Jersey - Binary Shirt
(Sleeveless Vest)

Your shuttle lands near where the meteor touched down. The crater is huge! Inside it you spy the sparkle of precious metals!

This Sphynx tee shines with planets and shooting stars highlighted with shimmering gold! (we use materials that shed very little metallic if cared for properly, and we never use glitter that is unsafe for sensitive Pawsmonaut kitties’ eyes! )

  The body of this shirt is made of soft, comfortable t-shirt worthy cotton spandex jersey material. The trim is made of cotton stretch jersey in in your choice of solid black, or black-backed gold or silver. The metallic trims are split and have cotton behind them so that the metallic looks fabulous but does not touch your kitty’s sensitive skin.

Space fact: asteroid Psyche is full of gold


As it turns out, there’s a giant asteroid that contains enough gold and other metals to make everyone on Earth a multibillionaire. And NASA uses gold to protect spacecraft from radiation. With all the gold out in space, extraterrestrial mining is a real possibility.

Psyched for Psyche

Unlike most rocky, icy asteroids, the Psyche asteroid—located between Mars and Jupiter—contains a motherlode of metal, including gold, iron, and nickel. And the estimated value of all that metal? About $700 quintillion. If that money were distributed to all 7.6 billion earthlings, each person would “mine” about $92 billion. To put that into perspective, the size of the economy of Hawaii sat at $93.4 billion as of late 2018.

                                                   – usmoneyreserve.com


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Trim Color

Black Cotton Jersey, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver


custom size


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