YOU are why we do what we do!

We are OVER THE MOON that everyone who chooses Pawsmic products knows they are getting a handmade, custom, high quality, comfortable and wearable SPACE SUIT worthy of the most amazing Nakids, Aliens, Humans and Pawsmonauts!

Pawsmic CEO

We are so proud every time a pet parent chooses our carefully handmade items, with the knowlege that they are getting a comfortable, custom space suit built exclusively for each little alien’s space, worthy of each individual alien “nakid” or “furkid”. 

A little about our story and how we came to be……
My husband is deathly allergic to furry cats., and I am somewhat allergic as well. He suffered sickness and allergies for years until my beloved rescue black domestic shorthair kitty boys passed away from old age at ages 19 and 23. Before my cat Loki passed, we decided to look into naked cats, hoping that our allergies would not be as severe (because I refuse to live without cats!) After looking unsuccessfully for a hairless rescue cat for nearly a year, I found a Ukrainian Levkoy kitten online, who I named Haku after the dragon/guardian/boy in the Myazaki movie Spirited away.  We lucked out in that neither of us had allergic reactions to him, and he was able to sleep in our bed with us! It was love at first sight! And so began our journey with the first of our little naked aliens! He was followed by Joker the Donskoy (Russian Sphynx) after the passing of my other DSH, Bat. 
Being mostly naked, Haku got cold, and had oily skin. He needed something to wear that was comfortable and would keep him warm and absorb his skin oils.  I tried to find clothing for cats. I bought small dog clothes, and none of them fit right. I altered some to make them fit better, and they still were not comfortable for him and did not stay in place. So I decided to make my own.  It seemed only natural. I have been sewing since I was a child, having been taught by my seamstress grandmother starting around age 5. She brought her sewing machine with her when she emigrated to the USA from Italy with my grandfather, father and his brothers. She was self taught and had the ability to look at a piece of clothing and make a pattern from it, which she passed on to me. 

I remember buying a 4 leg dog sweatshirt for Haku because it was so adorable! I put it on him and he walked a little funny. It did not fit quite right. Then he tried to run up his cat tree and fell sideways off of the highest shelf! He scared the heck out of me, and was lucky he was not hurt! I did not realize till then how much it restricted his movement. This inspired me to make my own pattern for the “Pawsmic space suit”! My cats can move easily, play, and comfortably and run up and down their tree in their space suits. 

Haku prefers cotton and fuzzy materials, Joker likes fleece and soft ones. Joker hates scratchy fabric. He will pull at his clothing. Some pets don’t like sleeves or things on their back legs. They are all individuals with specific preferences and needs, so I feel it is important to offer different styles of space suits and variations in different materials to please them all.

I knew there MUST be more guardians of alien Nakids out there that had the same problems…….

Why would they want to clothe their little ones in something that was scratchy, ill fitting, uncomfortable and not made just for them with their unique bodies in mind? They also needed clothing that provided warmth, softness and protection for sensitive skin, and also fit properly, stayed on, and that their pets actually WANTED to wear! It had to be the best! 

For a while, I questioned opening the company just for pets. Would I be able to do it? My health has been compromised my whole life due to Fibromyalgia, arthritis, back issues, allergies, chemical sensitivities, and a laundry list of others. I lost my job at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando since my surgery on my cervical spine 5 years ago. (I have a metal plate in my neck and an implant of cadaver bone in my vertebra, so I call myself a Bionic Zombie…. Lol!) I couldn’t work a regular job anymore. Would I be able to keep up with demand and fulfill my little customer’s expectations? I was sure going to try! 

Then more delays for my plans for grand opening and website…tragedy….

aside from Fibro flares and my own health trials,  I had to put my Shiba Inu Leeloo to sleep in Sept 2019 at age 18. That took a lot out of me. She had been in poor health and having seizures and arthritis pain for quite some time. And Joker had terrible breath and was starting to avoid eating his food. He was diagnosed with stomatitis, a terrible, painful autoimmune disease that was sapping his quality of life and could have killed him. After trying other treatments, it became severe very quickly and we decided to see a specialist who recommended having all his teeth removed. I was devastated, but after doing a lot of research I decided it was the best thing for him and his quality of life. We had the surgery done in October, and he is healing well and the swelling/symptoms have resolved 85%. We are hopeful for a full recovery!

Through it all,  I have been overwhelmed with the positive response I have gotten from customers with my eBay store and through Facebook. Thank you to all!

I have refined my patterns through trial and error over nearly 5 years now by testing them on my picky hairless cats. I am a perfectionist, so I am always looking for new and innovative ways to clothe my “nakids” and new things that put the “fun” into functional, to make for them that improve their lives and the lives of us humans that care for them. I am always on the lookout for new materials that are comfy, cute, and gentle on sensitive skin, as all the nakids have different tactile preferences.  So keep an eye out for our new creations! Join our mailing list to be notified as soon as we come up with something new!